Learn how boys masturbate


"How do I masturbate?"

If your just starting to masturbate its important you find a private spot where you wont be interrupted or heard and can relax. Start by just rubbing your hands around your penis and testicles till you have an erection.  boy exampleThen grip the shaft just below the top of the penis and while tightly gripping the penis pull the foreskin up till a finger or two is over the top of the penis. Then back down till your hand is on the bottom of your penis. Then slowly start doing this faster and faster till you find a tempo that feels the best. After a bit of time you will feel a building sensation and a sudden release that feels really good. Your breathing maybe rough. You will feel some contractions around your penis. The release you felt was an orgasm. If your start starting to masturbate you may find it hard to achieve an orgasm the first time. But give it a few days and try again. In time you will find its easier.


"How long does it take to have an orgasm?"

The amount of time it takes to achieve an orgasm or climax (means the same thing) varies from person to person. Average time is about 10 minutes. Don't be frustrated if you have a hard time achieving an orgasm the first time. It can take some time to get it right but with time it will get easier.


"What does an orgasm feel like?"

While your masturbating your going to feel a building sensation then a sudden release where it feels really good. Your breathing maybe rough/ragged. You will feel some contractions around your penis during it. Basicly its going to feel good while you masturbate, then all of a sudden its going to feel really really good. Thats when you know you have had an orgasm.