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Sex toys, Vibrators, Dildos and Handheld Massagers

There are a lot of things you might already have in the house you can masturbate with. Everything from common things you might not have thought about using to sex toys your parents might have hidden. Keep reading for more details.


Don't forget yourself!

Before we talk about things around the house. Lets talk about something you already have, your own body! Never underestimate your own body. It's yours and when your alone you can do whatever you want. You don't have to worry about what anyone else things or how you look. So you know that feeling when your vagina throbs during an orgasm, well the first time I saw my own up close was just leg shaking amazingly intense. Its crazy just how much your vagina will squeeze and you can see it throb. I'm a straight girl but still, seeing an orgasm up close was awesome. Without thinking about it we do admire ourselves from time to time, maybe act a little sexy for ourselves after a shower in the mirror. We get curious about our own bodies but forget just how sexy we can be. Now we girls know there is that super exciting feeling when you know you just need to masturbate badly. We all feel it, most of us every day. Empower yourself and use your own body. Most of us have attempted to try recording ourselves but its more fun to see it live and none of us want someone else finding a recording we forgot to erase (I have made that mistake, ugh...). I added the Webcam Mirror so visitors could have an easy and safe way to explore and have fun. No one can see your webcam but yourself and nothing is ever saved.

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Vibrators & Dildos

examples of vibratorsMore colors than God could have dreamt up and so many to pick from! There are quite a few different types of sex toys you use to masturbate with but the most common is a vibrator. Its shaped like a penis and vibrates. You use it by rubbing it around your clitoris or vagina and obviously inserting it into your vagina. Pretty simple to use, you can either insert it in and out quickly in your vagina or rub it around your clitoris. Personally I love how it feels rubbed around my clitoris. If your underage there is a good chance your parents may have one hidden around or you have seen it and had no idea what it was. Its totally safe to use just make sure you use warm water to wash it off before you use it and after your done. You may also find some that look like vibrators but don't have batteries, these are called dildos. You use them the same as vibrators but they lack that all important vibration we all love.

Bullet Vibrators

examples of bullet vibratorsThese are very similar to a normal vibrator but they are much smaller and in most cases vibrate much harder. Most of the time you just use them on your clitoris or inserting and rubbing it around their vagina. Remember you dont have to go in very deep. I like to just push it in a little and rub my clitoris. Since these do vibrate harder they create a stronger orgasm. Most are the size of a battery or smaller so they are easy to hide away or travel with. Again if you live with your parents still you may have one hidden around or have seen it and not known what it was. The are amazing to masturbate with and I recommend trying one should you get the chance. And as a plus they are a lot less work then using your hands.

Handheld Massagers

examples of handheld examples of handheld examples of handheld I cant explain how amazing these are and you can buy them at major stores easy. They are a common household item for many families so you might already have one to try. These come in a lot of different shapes and sizes and are normally used to massage your back, arms and other places on your body. The best part, vibrate a lot harder than most real vibrators and bullet vibrators. They are simply amazing to masturbate with, you just turn it on and start rubbing it around your clit. I have two and the first time I used one I could only turn it up half way before it was just too much and had an orgasm in under 2 minutes. Crazy intense!

Electric toothbrushes

examples of pulsarElectric toothbrushes are super easy to get these days and can befound for under $10 (USD). So you can afford to buy one or you can ask your parents for one. Almost all vibrate to some degree. Thou some are much better than others and while they not as strong as a massagers and vibrators but they work quite well. All the ones I have tired you can use in the shower too. Next time your at the store look for an Oral B "Pulsar" or similar. They look like a normal toothbrush but take a battery and vibrate. To use it you can use the brush side or it flip it over end over and lightly rub around your clit. You can try putting the handle in your vagina as well, some vibrate hard enough you can use them like a vibrator inside.

Hair Trimmers/Shavers

examples of shaverThere are a number of different types of trimmers and shavers you can use. Obviously with shavers you need to be careful with the blades and take them out. All of them vibrate really hard, I find the hair ones to be the best. To use them you just flip it over and use the backside or where if vibrates the most right on your clit. Again just be safe with the blades or trimmers, we all get a little crazy as we get close to an orgasm :)


examples of wavesonicexamples of olayThere are some other items you can either buy yourself or ask your parents for. A popular one is the Neutrogena "Wave Sonic" or Olay Pro X Brush. Its a face exfoliator but it also vibrates, worth trying if you want to do something new. Really anything that vibrates hard enough you can use so be creative.

Making your own sex toys

You can make your own out of anything that vibrates hard or fits in your vagina. If you have a small vagina but still want to try masturbating with something inside. Start with a QTip to get use to the feeling of something inside you then try a toothbrush handle or pen like a sharpie. If your vagina is larger things like hair brushes come in all sorts of size. Try a few and see what feels best to you.

Reader Suggested

Ideas from the mail bag. Ice cubes, this does not work for me but a few people suggested it. First put it in your mouth so it has no sharp edges and wont stick to your skin then you can put it between your labia or around your clitoris or in your vagina. Got more ideas? tell us

Do you have a favorite I missed?

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