For Girls, How To Masturbate And Orgasm

This page is for girls who have not masturbated before or never had an orgasm. If you already know how to have an orgasm skip to next page of the guide and learn all the different ways you can masturbate with things you have right now.

Lets get started with masturbating, obviously we need to be alone. No one wants someone walking in on them (yikes). Make sure your door is locked. The whole goal of masturbating is having an orgasm. It's a very hard thing to describe but feels better than anything in the world.

girls exampleWere going to use the most common method, rubbing your clitoris. You may have noticed that when you lightly rub and tickle your privates you start to get a little "wet". Totally normal and really important for masturbating. You want to start getting that feeling of being wet. If its not quite wet or its hard for you to get it wet just spitting on your fingers and rub it around your clitoris so its easy to slide your fingers over and around it. Then spend some time softly rubbing over and around your clitoris and its hood, you can even "tickle" it a little. Don't worry if its not feeling amazing yet, it will take some time. As your rubbing around find that a spot that feels the best, most of the time its on your clitoris or next to it. Start pressing harder on that spot and rub up and down. You want to be rubbing up and down at a pace that's easy for you. Once you find that spot your going to rub back and forth or in circles over it and you have to be able to keep doing it for ten minutes or more. Your going to start getting a feeling that's kind of like an itch and the more you rub the better its going to get. The most common mistake girls make is stopping or changing tempo, any time you stop even for just a few seconds means its going to take longer to orgasm. You also want to keep going at a steady pace that feels good for you. You have to keep rubbing and it can take 5 minutes or even 20 minutes sometimes. Soon your going to start to get a building up sort of feeling that feels really good then suddenly it will feel just amazing where you just cant rub any more. You just had an orgasm :)

You might be wondering if you really had an orgasm. Obviously you can feel the orgasm. Right before it happens your going to feel your squeezing the inside of your vagina tight and holding it and when the orgasm happens your vagina is going to spasm or pulse over and over. It last five to ten seconds.

After your first orgasms you will probably feel sore and maybe "Dirty". Dont worry both are normal, the soreness will go away and it can help to use more spit sometimes. As you do it more it gets much easier.


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