How to masturbate and orgasm for girls

This page is for girls who have not masturbated before or never had an orgasm. If you have been masturbating for a while or already know how to have an orgasm skip to "New ways to masturbate with things you have" and learn all the different ways you can masturbate with things you have right now.

Lets get started with masturbating, obviously we need to be alone. No one wants someone walking in on them (yikes). Make sure your door is locked. You can start completely naked or if your more comfortable with a t-shirt and underwear. The whole goal of masturbating is having an orgasm. It's a very hard thing to describe but feels better than anything in the world. It's the reason girls masturbate every day, its why your friends do it all the time. Start by getting comfortable, if your on your bed pile up some pillows so you can lay comfortably. If your not sure where your touching or if you want to see it a little easier you can Click Here to launch the Webcam Mirror App again so you can see yourself easier.

Were going to use the most common method, rubbing your clitoris. Chances are your to dry to rub without hurting a little. You may have noticed that when you light rub and tickle your privates you start to get a little "wet". Totally normal and really important for masturbating. Start by using your hand to cup and rub your whole private area. You want to just softly rub up and down, lightly run your fingers over your vaginal lips and on the inside of your legs. You want to start getting that feeling of being wet. If its not quite wet yet, try spitting on your fingers, get as much as you can around your vagina and clitoris. Once your getting it slippy enough spent a minute rubbing around the sides of your clitoris. Your going to start to feel more excited and a special feeling. Find that spot that feels the best, most of the time its on your clitoris or next to it. Start pressing harder on that spot and rub up and down. You want to be rubbing up and down at a pace thats easy for you as it feels better your going to need to go faster.

Any time you start to feel to dry just spit on your fingers again. If your getting excited enough you should have plenty coming out of your vagina too but don't worry if your not. In the future you will find you get wet much easier. It might start to feel a little sore depending on how hard your rubbing, again this is normal and after you do it more often it goes away. What your doing right now is the most common way girls masturbate. You want to rub around your clitoris till you find a spot that feels the best. Spend some time rubbing your finger or fingers up and down on that spot every once in a while rub down to your vagina and use the wetness from there to keep your clitoris slippy.

Most of the time I end up grabbing the inside of my leg because i'm going at it so hard but masturbation is about about touching. Try a little spit on the fingers of your free hand and rubbing around your nipples, or lightly running your fingers on the inside of your legs near your vagina. Even gently rubbing around your anus will feel good. It might take a few minutes or 15 and more but if you keep going your going to start getting a warm building feeling, special kind of of feeling. Its a lot like an itch you really need to scratch. As you keep rubbing it's going to start feeling better and better. The key is to just keep going without stopping, every time you stop its going to take you even longer.

As that special feeling start building and building don't stop! All of a sudden you will feel an amazing release like that itch has been scratched. Most of the time it lasts only 10 to 15 seconds. But it will feel better than anything in the world. That was your first orgasm, you probability had a lot of wetness come out and suddenly your really tired but so glad you did. I tend to masturbate at night a lot just to help me sleep. Now if its your first time you might also be feeling dirty or like you did a bad thing. Don't worry! First off that really normal and goes away quickly and second you did nothing wrong. People might say otherwise but everyone masturbates. You probably wont feel like masturbating for a few days after that, again thats normal. Wait a few days or a week and you will be ready to do it again. After a while you will be able to do it easily every day or even a few times a day.

I have to pee! That feeling is normal too, I always try to pee before I masturbate and I don't feel it as much after. Heck sometimes I even pee a little when im masturbating. Happens to a lot of girls and most masturbate on a towel just to catch wetness and pee should it happen. Also handy to dry yourself on after. Best to keep one special for masturbating, not something you want to use after a shower :)

This was just one of many ways girls can masturbate. If you tried for a while but don't feel like you had an orgasm don't worry. Each girl is different, and there are many ways to have an orgasm. Finish this page and keep reading onto the next pages of the guide for many more ideas.


If your having trouble seeing your clitoris, hymen or just want want an easy way to watch yourself masturbate, click the link below.

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Masturbating with stuffed animals and pillows


Another great way to get started masturbating is by rubbing on stuffed animals and pillows. You can do it with underwear or naked. Pick a pillow or in my case I love my giant stuffed giraffe. I like to get naked and sit on it like a horse and rub my clitoris back and forth on it till I have an orgasm. It's also and easy thing buy or ask your parents for if you don't have one. Big and fluffy! Mine is as big as I am, so good as big as you can, makes it more fun. It's fun and feels great to straddle and hump one naked and pretend its a boy. Some girls like to wear underwear when they do it since they like how the cotton underwear feels on their clit. You can also wear underwear and put a small stuffed animal inside your underwear right on your clitoris, lay on your stomach and grind or rub on it till you have an orgasm. All great ways to masturbate. Keep reading on for more ideas!





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