How To Masturbate With Your Pets

Yep this is as crazy as it sounds but were not talking about real sex with pets! Its something that more girls have done than you think. It's just one of those personal things you do when your alone and tell no one. Maybe you just want to try something new.

This is mostly for people with dogs since they will lick pretty much anything but I have heard of it working with cats. Lets face it dogs will lick anything and your clitoris is no exception. Oral sex (having someone lick or suck on your clitoris) is better than real sex for some girls and having a dog lick your clitoris is pretty close to real oral sex. There are a few easy ways to get a dog to lick you. First is to use peanut butter easy and lasts a while, normal butter or even cheese in a can. Just pick something you know it likes to lick and rub it around your clitoris or vagina. Depending on the do some do tend to nip and it wont work but no one has ever said they got bit. Even getting the dog to lick around your anus while your rub your own clit will be pretty intense. Hardest part is keeping the pet going long enough. I recommend using something you can wipe around while you masturbate and let the pet lick at the same time, more on you the better to keep it going. Now let me be clear, attempting to put your dogs penis in you not recommended at all!

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