Masturbation Survey Result

Gender: Female
Current Age: 23
First time masturbating: 16
First orgasm 0
First insert: 0
Average times per day: 1
Average times per week: 1
Favorite spot to masturbate: Bath/Shower
Favorite time to masturbate: Does not matter


How do you prefer to masturbate

Lie on back and rub clot but don't have an orgasm

Do you ever look at porn

About 3 times a day and don't care about age

Have you masturbated at school


Have you found someone masturbating at school

Have you ever masturbated in a public place


Have you ever masturbated with friends


Have you done it with or learned from a family member


Describe how you masturbated for the first time

Don't remember

Describe your own orgasm

Never had one

Describe your average masturbation session

Describe your favorite way of masturbating


Have you ever let a pet lick your private parts


Date Taken: 2014-01-25


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