How To Masturbate: For Girls Only

Masturbating feels amazing, maybe you have only heard friends talking about. Maybe you have been trying for a while and just never seem to orgasm. Teasing your vagina in just the right way to have an amazing orgasm takes some practice. Based on thousands of completed masturbation survey results we have created the internet's best masturbation guide.

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The Internet's Best Girls Masturbation Guide

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Part 1: Learn About Your Vagina!

If you have never masturbated or never had an orgasm get started here. You first need to learn the important parts of your lady bits and more importantly that fun little part called your clitoris. You will learn where they are and what they look like. Will also talk about your hymen and why it might be hard to get a finger inside for your first time. Read More

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Part 2: How To Masturbate For The First Time

Everyone plays with themselves as kids. We touch ourselves because it feels good. Maybe you have heard friends talk about masturbating and orgasms and your curious. Maybe you have been trying for years but just could never orgasm. We This is the best guide written on having your first orgasm. Read More

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Part 3: Masturbating With Pillows

So you have had some orgasms and you want to try something else? Cuddling up to sleep with a pillow between your legs is very normal. You might have found just rubbing on it feels nice. In fact it's very common for girls to masturbate this way before they even start using there fingers. Some orgasm without even knowing what it is. So if your looking for something new give this a try next. Read More

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Part 4: Making Your Own Porn

Some of us have done it or at least thought of trying it. Are you the kind of person that gets excited when they are naked? Then this is your kind of thing, make your own porn. Watch your own orgasm. If your worried about recording it or someone finding it on your phone give our app a try. Its impossible to save so you don't have to worry about anyone find out. Read More

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Part 5: Masturbating With Water Using Pool Jets And More

One of the easiest and best way to orgasm. All you need is access to a stream of water. We have tips for pools, showers, bathtub, even a kitchen sink. It's so easy to orgasm with water a lot of girls orgasm as kids not understanding what it is. So if fingers are not working for you, make sure you try this guide. Read more

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Part 6: Masturbating With A Toothbrush

Toothbrushes have come a long way and everyone has an old one they can use. Even better if your not old enough to get a vibrators you can ask for a cheap toothbrush that's just like vibrator and feels amazing. Read up on the best choices to buy and fun way to orgasm with a toothbrush. Read More

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Part 7: Masturbating with a pen or hairbrush

When your ready to start masturbating with something in your vagina look no further than the Sharpie. You can get them thin and thick and no one has to know you masturbate with it. If Sharpies are just not feeling like they enough hair brushes are next. Lucky for girls hairbrush handles are awesome to masturbate with. Ribbed, smooth, curled. Just have to find the right one to fit your needs. Read More

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Part 8: Masturbating with home made vibrators

So many thing you might have in your home you had no idea you could masturbate with. Including some of the amazing ones like back massagers, hint they are not only for backs and anyone, any age can orgasm with a good one. Really just about anything that vibrates hard enough can be used to masturbate with. Take a look at our list and see if you have something you can use to masturbate with right now. Read More

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Part 9: Masturbating with pets

This one is going to get a little crazy for some people but others have already tried it. Just to be up front were talking about licking and not trying to really hump your pets. Cats and dogs lick themselves all the time, its not going to harm them if they lick your clit a little too. Curious and want to give it a try, keep reading for some tips on getting them to keep at it. Read More

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Common girl questions about masturbating

Do you have questions about masturbation? Wondering if what happens to you is normal? Not sure if your doing it right? Be sure to read through some of the most common questions we get asked. Still have questions don't worry, nothing is too weird to ask.Read More

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Our survey has been up for years. It's been taken by thousands of people of all ages. If you have a moment please fill it out. When your done spend some time reading other survey results you might be surprised how normal masturbation is for everyone. You can even learn some new ways we have not added to our masturbation guide yet.

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Age: 19     Gender: Female

First Time Masturbating (age 13): I rub myself

Favorite Way: I would use a vibrating dildo

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Age: 19     Gender: Male

First Time Masturbating (age 12): its very pleasure feeling

Favorite Way: start to finish

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Age: 18     Gender: Female

First Time Masturbating (age 14): My friends were talking one day I was like ima try..As soon as I started to rub felt weird..but good and i remember going faster and feeling this intense feeling and I remember moaning loud as my body felt good.

Favorite Way: I like watching porn. And I'll start to slowly rub my clit..and then when I feel myself getting hornier..I rub faster..sometimes I stick 2 fingers in..and I finger myself ..when I feel myself about to orgasm..I rub my clit fast..and. When I orgasm ..I like to feel my wetness

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Age: 18     Gender: Male

First Time Masturbating (age 11): I first tried masturbating after reading a Wikipedia article about handjobs. I pretty much did what the article described (taking my cock in hand and rubbing) except on myself. I would usually do it lying down in bed, although the first time was while I was sitting on the toilet. I loved the feeling it gave me and masturbating became a part of my daily life.

Favorite Way: I like to be completely naked when I masturbate. Other than that, nothing special here. I just lie down and stroke myself until orgasm.

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Age: 19     Gender: Female

First Time Masturbating (age 10): i would watch videos and rub my clit

Favorite Way: start watching porn and then have my dog lick my boobs

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